Zac Attack #1
Zac Attack 1
Episode information
Series Zac Attack
Air date 31 March, 2015
Run time 1:34
Starring Zac Pullam
Guest(s) Kathryn Prescott
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Zac Attack #1 aired 31st March, 2015 and featured Kathryn Prescott.


Zac Pullam (Grant Wilson) finds out from Kathryn Prescott (Carter Stevens) who is the biggest prankster, who is the most artistic, who has the best laugh, and more when it comes to their cast-mates.


ZAC PULLAM: Hey, guys! We're finally back with Finding Carter, and I am here with Carter herself, Kathryn Prescott, and I'm gonna ask you some questions about the cast. Who is the funniest cast-mate?

KATHRYN PRESCOTT: Well, they're all really funny, like the Jesses[1] are both really funny, Alex is really funny…


PRESCOTT: And wha—oh! And Zac is really funny as well.

PULLAM: Alright, who has the best laugh?

PRESCOTT: Jesse H. has the funniest laugh.

PULLAM: [Laughing.] Yeah, his is really funny…


PULLAM: Most artistic?

PRESCOTT: I know Jesse H. paints in his hotel room.

PULLAM: I didn't know that.

PRESCOTT: Yeah, when he's in it—or he does, like, a sculpture-slash-painting.



PULLAM: Biggest prankster on set?

PRESCOTT: Anna, definitely.

PULLAM: Oh, yeah. She has, like, her own way of pranking people; like, one time, she walked around with a banana in her pants… during a scene…

PRESCOTT: Or on the phone to the banana…

PULLAM: Yeah. Or the prank with the whoopee cushion last year. Cynthia said she's gonna try to get us back. She's serious about this stuff, too, so…

PRESCOTT: Mm, she is.


References Edit

  1. Jesse Henderson and Jesse Carere.
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