(Taylor Wilson has found Carter's necklace in the back of Max's truck.)

(Carter walks in.)
CARTER: Hey! Where'd you find that?
TAYLOR: It was in the back of Max's truck. What was it doing there?
CARTER: Taylor, we have to tell you something.
TAYLOR: What? What's wrong?
MAX: When we went to go visit Lori
CARTER: Max and I slept together.
TAYLOR: You're kidding, right? (Looks at Max.) Please tell me you're kidding.


(Kathryn Prescott (Carter Stevens) stands in front of a room. Lori fades away in a framed photo of she and Carter; a new photo fades in of Carter with David and Elizabeth Wilson. The camera focuses on Prescott as the room spins counter-clockwise, the contents of the room falling to the floor and dangling in the air. In the same framed photo, Taylor and Grant Wilson fade in, with Carter sitting in the middle. A framed photo of Carter and Lori falls and breaks on the floor. Prescott looks to the camera, the room steady as it sits upside down. MisterWives' "Vagabond" snippet plays in the background.)

MISTERWIVES: There you go, there you stay
Keeping low, never wanna play
You've been up and down, down
You've been low, low, low
Pretending to not feel alone


(Taylor runs into the house.)
CARTER: Taylor, wait.
(Carter and Max follow after Taylor.)
CARTER: Taylor, stop running; let us explain!
(Taylor stops, turns around.)
MAX: We made a mistake.
TAYLOR: A mistake?!
CARTER: Taylor, it was all my fault, I promise—it wasn't him.
MAX: (Talks over Carter.) N-n-n-no, it was both of our faults, and if we could take it back, we would.
TAYLOR: Well, you can't!
CARTER: Yeah, we know that, Taylor. Tay, I'm so sorry.
MAX: Sorry, too.
TAYLOR: Oh, well, I'm sorry you guys feel so bad, but I can assure you that I feel much worse.


(David and Elizabeth sit on the bed; Elizabeth puts David's ring on his finger.)
DAVID: This feels good.
ELIZABETH: Yeah. I missed you.
(Elizabeth kisses David; they embrace.)
DAVID: Ah, I remember that.
ELIZABETH: So, um, I guess I'm gonna have to give you your sock drawer back, aren't I?
DAVID: (Laughs.) Yes.
ELIZABETH: How is this gonna work? H-how-when do we tell the kids?
DAVID: Well, there's a couple of grown ups we should probably talk to first.
ELIZABETH: Yes, of course… Is it going to be a problem with Hillary? You guys have to teach together…
DAVID: You and Kyle have to work together.
ELIZABETH: Touché. Oh!
(David and Elizabeth's cell phones go off; they search for and look at their phones.)
DAVID: SAT scores?
ELIZABETH: You had it on your calendar, too?
DAVID: Of course I did.
ELIZABETH: Mhm, but… did you remember to make the dinner reservations?
DAVID: Ah… of course I did.
(Elizabeth smiles at David; David smiles at Elizabeth.)


TAYLOR: I don't understand how you could let this happen.
MAX: It's not something that we planned—just a really bad moment, and…
TAYLOR: And you just thought, "We're broken up, so it's okay; it's fine, we can do this…"
MAX: No, that's not what happened at all.