Carter: People fight. That doesn't mean you have to break up.

David: I thought, "This is my fault—I'm responsible for Carter's kidnapping."
Elizabeth: And that's what I'll never get past.
Carter: About what?
Grant: Who knows? But I'm not getting a "hey-kids-we're-going-to-Disneyland!" vibe out of it.
Max: Look, maybe they'll break up, maybe they won't, but it's not yours to fix.
Carter: No—I can fix this.
Max: I do love your enthusiasm.
Carter: We can't let her ruin us, 'Kay? She doesn't get to win.
Carter: Why couldn't you drop him off a block away?
Crash: Because then there'd be no chance of seeing you.
Max: I just want to forgive him and move on.
Max: Red is my color.
David: You like this suit?
Grant: Not really, but no one really seems to care about what I like.
Taylor: Hi, Dad, Carter thinks I should slut it up.
David: Carter's wrong—very wrong.
Carter: So, you wear it with a sweater!
Taylor: Yeah, well, Grandma's not his girlfriend!
Grant: Well, neither are you.
Taylor: You guys are so annoying.
Taylor: I feel it's not enough to save the planet, you have to really, really annoy people about it.
Anne Wallace: I want you to think about your future.
Carter: Yeah, well, seems like the most interesting thing about me is my past.
Taylor: Well, I can't dance for you—that'd be masochistic—no, mas-mis…ogynistic… strip club-y, too.
Max: "Please" is a pretty powerful word.
Taylor: It is my relationship, my breakup. What gives you the right to keep butting in?! I don't want you involved in my life!
Carter: Is it about Stanford, Tay?
Taylor: You are so selfish, narcissistic, controlling, delusional—oh, my God… you're her.
Carter: Who?
Taylor: Lori. How did I not figure this out before? I take after Dad, and you take after the nutjob who's in prison.
Carter: Taylor, stop it!
Taylor: No, you stop it! You don't know what's best for me! Worry about your own life, and stay the hell out of mine!
Taylor: So… what's in a "Sex in a Beach"?
Taylor: Sorry I wrecked it.
Grant: Sorry she wrecked it.
David: Alright, Grant.
Buddy: Well, you can't say we didn't entertain our friends—Carter, our granddaughter who was kidnapped; and Taylor, now our granddaughter, who got drunk.
Taylor: This family loves their secrets.
Taylor: I'm sorry for what I said—you're nothing like her.
Carter: I'm scared of how angry I am… of all the awful things I wanna say to her.
Max: Oh, you're a lifesaver, dude, thank you.
Crash: A lifesaver who almost killed you?
Max: Too soon.
Carter: Lori? Lori, stop! You need to leave my family alone now.

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