The Wilsons consist of David, Elizabeth, Taylor, Carter and Grant. The extended family includes Elizabeth's parents, Buddy and Joan.


When Elizabeth couldn't get pregnant, she and David looked into an egg donor. They had the twins, Taylor and Carter, through the egg donor's donation. Carter was kidnapped on May 5, six months after her third birthday; the twins wore matching dresses on their third and seventeenth birthdays, as well as the day of the abduction.

David had an affair with Lori Stevens, their egg donor, shortly after the twins were born, and he blames himself for Carter's abduction.


  • Grant is referred to as Elizabeth's "miracle".
  • Joan does not like David and even went as far as supporting Elizabeth's affair with Kyle.
  • In Season 1, Elizabeth said she and David married because she was pregnant, but in Season 2, she says she struggled to get pregnant. This is known as a retcon trope.[1]
  • Carter first officially acknowledges Elizabeth as her mother after Crash is apprehended.[2]


Family tree

Mr. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
David Wilson
Lori Stevens
Carter Wilson
(via IVF)
Taylor Wilson
(via IVF)
Grant WilsonBen Wallace

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