You kinda sneaked up on me.
— Max, to Taylor, in Now You See Me
Taylor and Max
General information
Nickname(s) Maxlor
Status Dating
Intimacy level In love
First met When Elizabeth brought Max to stay at the Wilson house
Show information
Characters Taylor Wilson
Portrayed by Anna Jacoby-Heron
Alex Saxon
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance I'm Not the Only One
Seasons 1, 2
Taylor and Max (also known as "Maxlor") met when Elizabeth Wilson brought Max home from Fairfax Police Department after speaking with him in the interrogation room in hopes of being able to connect with Carter more.


Elizabeth wanted to put Max and Carter back together after hearing about their former relationship because she despised Crash, but Carter wound up sensing that Taylor liked Max.

However, given the Gabe situation wherein Gabe liked Carter and Carter kissed Gabe in front of Taylor, Taylor surrendered and told Carter she wins with boys.

When Max said goodbye to the Wilsons to head back home, he told Taylor she sneaked up on him.




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