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Gabe Medeiros and Taylor have been best friends since first grade. Taylor developed a crush on him sometime before being reunited with Carter, but Gabe soon showed interest in Carter, and Taylor grew jealous and annoyed of and with her sister and Gabe's closeness.

When Gabe confronts Taylor with Carter's assumption that Taylor likes him, he compares Taylor to a little sister, and Taylor tries to shrug it off. After kissing Gabe during Seven Minutes of Heaven, however, Gabe realizes he has chemistry with Taylor and soon asks her out on a date, unaware of Taylor's crush on Max.

On their date, Taylor notes that she really is like a sister. At the twins' birthday party, Gabe shows interest in Taylor again, but Taylor holds hands with Max and says they're together.

Taylor and Gabe remain friends, and they are protective of each other.


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Ofe was Taylor's first kiss and taught Taylor how to kiss. They met through Carter and later became friends. After Taylor broke up with Max after learning Lori is genetically-related to her, she began seeing Ofe. After David shared with her how he had used Lori to avoid dealing with his problems, Taylor realizes that that is what she is doing to and with Ofe. Ofe winds up wanting something more, but Taylor insists they are just friends with benefits.

After fainting due to taking too many Study Buddies, and after being yelled at by Max, Ofe realizes he didn't catch Taylor's addiction, even though he's seen others become addicted to all sorts of drugs and alcohol, and that the reason is because he was falling for he. Thus, he breaks up with her and distances himself from Taylor.




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