Damon: Did you see that? She looked right through me.
Taylor: Oh, no, she looked… around you…
Damon: Around?
Taylor: Yeah.
Damon: Okay, call that progress.

Grant: Two days ago, he deleted The Walking Dead off of the DVR.
Elizabeth: That's why you're mad?
Grant: The Walking Dead, Mom.
Grant: Well, you and Dad are dating other people while you're still married, so… I'd say you're doing a great job at embarrassing yourself.
Elizabeth: I didn't have any idea that it was bothering you so much, Grant.
Grant: You and Dad don't listen to anything I say. I'm the resolt of a rejecting, neglecting parenting style.
Carter: Plus, I have these hidden organizational talents that nobody knows about… because I've hidden them… but I swear I have them, and I really wanna help… please let me help?
Abby: You're sweet. Let's get out of here. Give me five minutes. Meet me at my car. Make sure no one sees you.
Taylor: You're right—everything looks great. It all worked out—I got my essay in, I'm meeting with Yale, I'm done with those stupid pills, I have a sister who will step up and protect me no matter what I do… so why don't I feel any better? What is wrong with me?
Bird: Sisterhood of the traveling hormones.
Carter: All these years, I wanted to be someone's sister. Now it actually happened, and I'm realizing how much I suck at it.
Carter: I've been thinking about something—about why you're not feeling better. I think it's about Lori—about her being our biological mother. I think that's where this all started. Lori told us the truth, and then… things just started to fall apart—like, with Max, and with Mom and Dad—and look, I know you don't like talking about it, or her, but that was a huge deal, Taylor. That kind of news has the potential to make even the most secure and together person on the planet feel completely lost.
Taylor: I hate that she's my mother—that she's somehow… part of me. I don't wanna think about it. I just want it go away.
Carter: I hate her for what she's done to you—to all of us—but please don't shut us out. Please
Taylor: Just feels kind of lonely.
Carter: Yeah. I'm here. You're always gonna have me. I'm always gonna have your back. 'Kay? You're pretty much stuck with me.
Carter: I have an idea.
Taylor: Oh, no.
Carter: I think we need to dance.

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