"One Hour Photo" is the twelfth and finale episode of the first season, and the twelfth episode of Finding Carter overall.


A clue from Lori leads Carter to uncover disturbing secrets that could completely upturn the new family she's come to love; Max and Taylor's relationship may reach a breaking point.






  • Carter picked photos up from the address in which Elizabeth and David owned their first apartment. Across the street from that is an apartment complex, which Elizabeth pulled up names from for 1997 tenants—1997 is likely the date in which the twins were born, as 1997+17=2014, and Elizabeth searched the date of the pictures. Thus, Elizabeth and David didn't meet Lori until 2000, when the twins were three years of age, which would also be the year in which Carter's abduction took place.
  • No bail was granted for Crash, because he's a flight risk.
  • Max is a fan of Darwin.
  • Taylor and Max break up.
  • Another alias of Lori is Claire Gregory.




  • Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry — "Night Sides"
  • Mikky Ekko — "Smile"
  • Fauntella Crow — "Lost Here"
  • Bastille — "Haunt"


References Edit

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