Ofe is a former dealer for Crash. He is currently in rehab for an addiction to drugs.[3]

Ofe is a reccurring character on MTV series Finding Carter, portrayed by Jesse Carere.


Ofe grew up with two dads who loved each other. Unlike the Wilsons, his family wasn't dysfunctional—which leads to him not understanding the complexities Taylor is dealing with with her family.[2]


Ofe is outgoing and tends to get himself into trouble. He is patient, sincere and understanding, though having grown up in a happy and healthy home handicaps him in relating to the complexities of a dysfunctional family.

Physical Appearance

Ofe has short, dark brown curly hair.


Ofe's best friends are Bird and Gabe, with whom he often parties or runs bet pools with. Ofe and Crash have more of a business relationship going on, as Crash supplies Ofe with high-quality drugs.

Ofe and Carter start out on the wrong foot; however, they soon make up, and he, along with Bird and Gabe, helps her take advantage of Elizabeth's obsession with finding Lori by pranking her and the rest of the police at a food court in the mall. It is Ofe that supplies Carter with faulty MDMA that causes her to wind up in a coma and in the hospital,[4] for which he blames Crash until Crash confronts him that it wasn't his and Ofe must have gotten them mixed up.

During a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, Ofe takes Taylor's first kiss, and teaches her how to kiss.[1] Later, after she and Max breakup, Taylor initiates a friends-with-benefits relationship with Ofe, who has developed a crush on her.


  • "OFE" stands for "One Freakin' Eyebrow". No one knows Ofe's real name anymore.
  • Ofe was Taylor's first kiss; he taught her to kiss.
  • Ofe has two fathers.
  • In Season 1, Episode 5, Taylor and Ofe had their first kiss. In Season 2, Episode 5, Taylor and Ofe had their first date.



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