Love you more?
— Lori, to Carter, in Pilot

Lori Stevens is Carter's abductor, the egg donor of Elizabeth Wilson and David Wilson, the genetic mother of Taylor and Carter, the alleged biological mother of Ben Wallace, and the former stalker of the Wilsons.

Lori is a recurring character on Finding Carter and portrayed by Milena Govich.


Early life

Lori graduated from Jacobsen Nursing College in June 1996[src] (August 2015)

At twenty-three years of age[src] (August 2015), she donated eggs to a clinic, wherein Elizabeth and David went for an egg donor.

Whilst doing hospice care under the name of "Janet" in the neighborhood the Wilsons lived in, Lori met David and Elizabeth. Elizabeth let her play with the twins, and "Janet" was invited to the girls' third birthday party.

When the twins were three years old, and on May 5th,[1] Lori abducted Lyndon, now known as Carter, from her front yard, with Taylor watching from afar.[2]

Raising Carter

Lori changed Lyndon's name to "Carter" and raised her as her own daughter.

At a playground, Lori feared she'd lost Carter, because she couldn't find her.[src] (August 2015)

When Carter had to make a family tree for school, she needed a baby picture for herself, but Lori claimed all of their old pictures were lost and merely had one left, which she had had laminated to prevent from being damaged in the future.[1]




As a mom, Lori is understanding of Carter's needs and feelings as a teenager since she herself has a free and youthful spirit. She makes sure to always tell Carter how much she loves and cares for her, even if it means risking her life/capture.

Physical appearances

Lori has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and prefers to wear leather and black clothing. She wears a short, blonde wig in attempt to hide from the FBI.



  • Lori abducted Lyndon Wilson at age 3 and Leila Wilson at age 3 weeks and raised them as Carter and Courtney Stevens and .[3]
  • She went by the name of "Janet" when she abducted Carter.[3]
  • Lori is the genetic mother of Carter and Taylor Wilson.[2]
  • Lori wanted to take Taylor, too, but believes she had the decency to let Elizabeth keep one twin.[2]
  • Lori was donor number 3526.[2]
  • Lori had a brief love affair with David Wilson, which allegedly resulted in Benjamin Wallace.[4]



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