Jared was the owner of Magic Hour.

Jared is a former recurring character on Finding Carter and portrayed by Jackson Rathbone.


Jared hired Carter, not knowing she was underage.


Jared was sketchy and often made promises he later retracted, even to Carter.

According to Sarah, Jared was a complete loser and insane for not wanting to see his kid. 

Physical appearanceEdit

He was a few inches under 6-feet tall, and had wavy brown hair and brown eyes.


Jared was wary of Stevie for a brief moment until Carter confessed it was Ben who traded credit card readers. In the aftermath, Jared blackmailed Ben into dealing drugs for him and threatened him into not revealing the relationship to Carter.

Elizabeth wasn't a fan of him, because she felt he was too old for Carter. Taylor, Lori, Bird, Seth and Max, however, tried to give Jared the benefit of the doubt.

Jared and Carter dated for a few months, but after Carter moved in with him, drama ensued and tense situations arose, which made Carter question a lot of Jared's decisions. After Seth's death, Jared's relationship with Carter soon unravelled, resulting in Carter learning the truth about Jared; this formed a new distrust in Max, who became more concerned with Jared's relationship with Carter.

Jared made an enemy of Lori by naming Ben as a dealer working for Rick.

On his last night, the two became abusive; Carter slapped Jared after he grabbed her arm, then told him he didn't deserve to be a father. Jared then shoved Carter, who fell and hit the back of her head against the side of the table and became unconscious. Max, watching from a distance inside the bar, then grabbed a bottle of vodka and hit Jared over the head with it, killing him.



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