Grant Wilson is the youngest Wilson, the son of David and Elizabeth Wilson, and Carter and Taylor's younger brother.

Grant is a main character on Finding Carter and portayed by Zac Pullam.


Early life

Finding Carter

The trial


Grant is blunt and sarcastic, but also smart. He feels overlooked by his family.

Physical appearance


Carter Wilson

Grant shares a close relationship with Carter. At family therapy, Carter shares that she feels like an elephant in a family of penguins as if they are all focused on discovering who she is since she is nothing like the "penguins". Grant tells his family he feels like the armadillo in a giraffe family, because he's not the same and nobody can even see him or notice him. Ever since, Carter calls Grant Armadillo, while he calls her Elephant. In The Birds, he stole Carter's backpack because he didn't want her to leave again. She is the reason he began dating Reagan.


Reagan is Grant's online "Girlfriend". They have discussions about movies for hours. Carter suggests that Reagan is Grant's Girlfriend, but Grant did not confirm it. He confirmed it in the 7th episode of the 1st season when talking to Gabe.

Family tree

Mr. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
David Wilson
Lori Stevens
Carter Wilson
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Taylor Wilson
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Grant WilsonBen Wallace

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  • Grant is called Armadillo by Carter after saying during a family therapy session that he feels like an armadillo in a family of giraffes.



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