Gabe Medeiros is a recurring character on Finding Carter. He is portrayed by Jesse Henderson.


Gabe is an only child who shares a close relationship with his father ever since his mother died when he was only nine years old.


He is generally a nice person. He helps Carter as much as he can, including setting up a trap with a burner phone to embarrass Carter's mom.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gabe is tall, with dark features and medium length dark brown hair


Carter WilsonEdit

Gabe was one of Carter's first friends among her arrival to town. Though he originally tried to establish a romantic relationship with her Carter didn't reciprocate, and they've since stayed good friends.

Taylor WilsonEdit

Taylor and Gabe grew up together as best friends. She may, though she wouldn't admit it, have a crush on him. After kissing during a game of seven minutes in heaven, Gabe asks her out on a date. They then realize that they are like brother and sister.


Abby was a guidance counselor at Benjamin Harrison High School whom Gabe pursued a secret romantic and sexual relationship with. After Bird walked in on the two of them, Abby was questioned by the police about a suspected student relationship and taken into custody. Later, Gabe learned Abby had a suspicious fiancé, who was the one who reported the affair to the police.


  • Gabe's mother died of a cancerous brain tumour when he was only 9.
  • Gabe's father (a cop) died on the job due to a gun wound in the neck in the second season

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