This is a list of the crew members from the American teen drama series Finding Carter. This list is in alphabetical order by the crew member's first name.

Directors, writers and producersEdit

Name Position No. episodes
Emily Silver Writer 24 episodes (2014-2015)
Jennifer Chambers Lynch Director 5 episodes (2014-2015)
Lynch (born 7 April, 1968) is an American film director and screenwriter, also known for writing the book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer,[1] which was written to accompany the television show Twin Peaks. Lynch is the daughter of artist and filmmaker David Lynch, and painter Peggy Reavey. She began practicing Transcendental Meditation at the age of six.[2]
Scott Speer Director 4 episodes (2014-2015)
Speer (born 5 June, 1982) is an American film director, music video director and novelist born in San Diego, California.

References Edit

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