This is a list of the main and supporting characters from the American teen drama series Finding Carter. This list is in alphabetical order by the character's first name.


  • A regular is an actor who has been in every episode.
  • A recurring status is given to actors who are not in every episode, but have been in at least three episodes of any partiulcar season.
  • A guest appearance by an actor means they do not appear in the opening credits, but were guest starring in no more than two episodes of any particular season.

Main characters

Name Actor Seasons featured
Carter Wilson Kathryn Prescott/Ava Atwood (child) 1—present (regular)
Born "Lyndon Wilson", Carter was returned to her legal family after unknowingly living with her abductor, Lori Stevens, for thirteen years under the name of "Carter Stevens", with every intention of returning to Lori. Whilst Carter forms relationships with her father, brother and twin sister, she and her biological mother butt heads. Eventually, Carter accepts Elizabeth's protectiveness by acknowledging Elizabeth is her mom, and later learns Lori was stalking her parents. Carter joins Elizabeth in an attempt to apprehend Lori, but as a result, Carter is kidnapped for a second time. The Wilsons and the FBI race to find Carter and Lori, while Lori concocts a plan to also abduct Taylor. At a diner, the truth comes out, and Lori is finally apprehended—but that isn't the end of her manipulations.
  • Carter has appeared in 24 episodes.
David Wilson Alexis Denisof 1—present (regular)
As the author of Losing Lyndon, David was happy about Carter's return beyond the homecoming reasons. His literary agent, Toby, convinced him to write a sequel—even though Carter told him not to. David was the first parent to form a bond with Carter, which he believes is due to her not having a father figure growing up; the relationship often makes Elizabeth jealous, only adding more fuel to the fire. When Elizabeth confesses to David her affair with Kyle Medeiros, David already knows, but Elizabeth has to leave anyway. To save her family from divorce, Carter allows David to write the book. However, Elizabeth finds the edited manuscript and confronts David, then has him confront Carter—together. As a result, the father-daughter bond is destroyed, and Carter runs away with Crash. When Carter returns home, she has a closer relationship with Elizabeth, and David has to work on mending his relationship with Carter. He drops the book deal and becomes a professor at a college, where he begins a brief affair with his teaching assistant, Hillary, before deciding to reconnect with Elizabeth.
  • David has appeared in 24 episodes.
Elizabeth Wilson Cynthia Watros 1—present (regular)
Elizabeth is the twins' birth mother. When Carter returns home, she struggles to connect with Carter and, as a result of Carter's return, ends her affair with Kyle, though she decides to resume the relationship upon learning of David's continued financial problems. However, when the twins find out, they force her to tell David, growing more upset when Elizabeth temporarily moves out. After Elizabeth and Carter grow closer during a tragedy, Carter accepts and refers to Elizabeth as her mother. When the truth comes out, Elizabeth fears Lori's manipulations. When she and David decide to separate, she continues to see Kyle. However, throughout the separation, she realises she still loves David and decides to salvage what's left of their marriage. Kyle dies the day after she ends their affair, which causes tension between she and Gabe Medeiros.
  • Elizabeth has appeared in 24 episodes.
Grant Wilson Zac Pullam 1—present (regular)

Grant is the youngest Wilson and self-proclaimed "replacement child". He often feels he is neglected more often than not, leaving him to feel like an armadillo that cannot be as easily seen as everyone else. Upon Carter returning, he convinces Carter to go easy on Elizabeth, who hasn't had the best of luck with her children thus far, as he was a sick baby and she was kidnapped. Happy to have Carter back, Grant often feared Carter leaving with Lori and went as far to take away her backpack, but gave it back to her later and added a burner phone, if only because ultimately, he wants her happy. Grant is often the receiver of his parents' feud. Fed up with his parents' marriage situation, Grant moved in with grandparents Joan and Buddy.

  • Grant has appeared in 24 episodes.
Max Alex Saxon 1 (recurring); 2—present (regular)
  • Max has appeared in 24 episodes.
Taylor Wilson Anna Jacoby-Heron 1—present (regular)
Taylor is the twin sister of Carter and an older sister of Grant. Her heart is dead-set on attending Yale University and proudly leads a scholarly life, attending zero parties, until Carter is returned to the family. After reuniting with Carter, Taylor first is happy to have her sister back, but frequently fights with her and gets angry at her, sometimes wishing she'd never been returned. Taylor eventually meets Max, with whom she later begins a relationship and falls in love. Carter introduces Taylor to parties, alcohol and drugs. After learning Lori is their mother, Taylor struggles and lashes out, though Carter does try to help her through it.
  • Taylor has appeared in 24 episodes.

Recurring characters

Name Actor Seasons featured
Benjamin Wallace Ben Winchell 2—present (recurring)
Ben is the biological lovechild of David and Lori from their affair when the Wilson twins were babies. He was subpoenaed to testify as a witness in court and released into Lori's custody. He and Carter had difficulties getting along, whereas he and Taylor got on smoothly and quickly—which caused slight jealousy from Carter. After Carter caught Ben switching out the credit card reader with one allowing him to swipe numbers, thus causing Carter to notify Jared of the change, Jared blackmailed Ben into helping him deal drugs. As a result, Carter caught Ben dealing at the party Seth died at and assumed Ben was at fault, which caused Ben to back out of dealing and plan to run away. However, Carter soon learned the truth, and she, Lori and Elizabeth convinced Ben to stay and instead work things out.
  • Ben has appeared in 9 episodes.
Beatrix "Bird" Castro Vanessa Morgan 1—present (recurring)
Bird is one of Carter's best friends, despite Bird having betrayed Carter several times—Bird painted a photo of Carter in a displeasing light[1], slept with Crash[2] because she thought Carter truly didn't like him, and told her mother Carter stole her mother's bracelet,[3] even though it was Bird who stole it and gave it to Carter as a gift.[4] Bird's parents are neglectful, thus she is usually left to fend for herself. Bird is currently carrying her late boyfriend's baby.
  • Bird has appeared in 26 episodes.
Buddy Robert Pine 1—present (recurring)
Buddy is Elizabeth's father, David's father-in-law, Joan's husband, and the Wilson children's grandfather. When the twins were younger, Carter called him "Pop-pop". The first time he sees Carter, he hugs her, and she hugs him back, later relaying to Max that her brain "went halogen" during the hug. Buddy tries to help the kids have fun, to the point that he takes them on go-cart rides and helps Grant race other riders at the country club. According to Grant, Buddy walks around in his boxers at night.
  • Buddy has appeared in 5 episodes.
Cameron "Crash" Mason Caleb Ruminer 1—present (recurring)
Crash is Carter's ex-boyfriend, and a former juvenile delinquent drug dealer for his uncle, Shay. After incarceration for unintentionally shooting Max,[5] Crash worked hard to turn his life around. To escape Shay and his minions, Crash joined the military. He and Carter continue to keep in touch.
  • Crash has appeared in 17 episodes.
Damon Mason Dye 2—present (recurring)
Damon is a student at Benjamin Harrison High School who has a deep crush on Bird and is dead-set on attending Yale University, along with their summer program. When Bird and Madison get close, he wonders to Gabe about their relationship. After Kyle's passing, Damon's mother invites Gabe to live with them for a while; however, Gabe later moved out because he wasn't fond of Damon's mother. Despite Bird forming a relationship with Seth, Damon still wonders if he has a chance with her.
  • Damon has appeared in 9 episodes.
Gabe Medeiros Jesse Henderson 1—present (recurring)
  • Gabe has appeared in 28 episodes.
Hillary Erin Chambers 2 (recurring)
Hillary is David's teaching assistant. She expresses interest in David, who rejects her at first before deciding to take her up on her offer. Hillary and David date as he sorts things out with Elizabeth and is separated from her; during the moments Hillary is in the Wilson house with David and Elizabeth, she feels uncomfortable to see them connecting and ends up leaving. Upon deciding to stay married, David ends things with Hillary, though he does continue working with her.
  • Hillary has appeared in 5 episodes.
Joan Meredith Baxter 1—present (recurring)
Joan is Elizabeth's mother, and the twins' and Grant's maternal grandmother. She is from a higher class than that of David and does not believe David to be adequate for Elizabeth, therefore she encourages Elizabeth's affair with Kyle, whom Joan believes can truly provide for her daughter. Joan is often overbearing and slightly judgmental, but has good intentions. She thinks Carter needs to stop wearing clothes with holes in them, whereas Taylor needs to "slut it up".
  • Joan has appeared in 10 episodes.
Kyle Medeiros Eddie Matos 1-2 (recurring)
Kyle was Gabe's father and Elizabeth's boyfriend. The day Carter was returned to the Wilson family, Elizabeth was supposed to come clean to David about her affair, but she decided to end things with Kyle and stay with David instead, because her family was back together. Later, Elizabeth and Kyle resumed their affair due to David's fiscal irresponsibility, but Gabe and Grant overheard the two parents talking and told the twins, who made Elizabeth end the affair. Kyle and Elizabeth resumed their relationship once again during the Wilson parents' separation, leading Kyle to sell his house and buy an apartment with Elizabeth in mind. Elizabeth and David, however, mutually agreed to salvage their marriage and end their affairs. After Kyle's death, Elizabeth's relationship with Gabe was strained.
  • Kyle has appeared in 18 episodes.
Lori Stevens Milena Govich 1—present (recurring)
  • Lori has appeared in 22 episodes.
Madison Molly Kunz 2 (recurring)
Madison is Carter's childhood friend. She had a brief relationship with Max, whom she claims turned her into a lesbian. She ran away from home because her parents didn't like her lesbianism, then went to the Wilson house per Lori's suggestion, because Lori was like a second mother to her, and she thought Carter really wanted to leave the Wilsons. However, when Carter learned of Madison and Lori's plan, she was upset and kicked Madison out of her house. As a result, Madison went with Max to Bird's and stayed there for a while, soon forming a relationship with Bird. Eventually, Madison and Carter buried the hatchet, and Madison decided to go back to her parents to try to sort things out.
  • Madison has appeared in 4 episodes.
Ofe Jesse Carere 1-2 (recurring)
  • Ofe has appeared in 12 episodes.
Reagan Elizabeth Hunter 1—present (recurring)
Reagan is Grant's girlfriend, whom he first met online and later met in-person at a carnival. During a high school tour, Reagan and Grant ran into each other. Later, she and Grant shared a kiss in his basement.
  • Reagan has appeared in 5 episodes.
Seth Kristofer Holst 2 (recurring)
Seth was a DJ and Bird's boyfriend. He and Bird met via the first underground party Carter and Jared threw. At the last party Magic Hour threw, Seth died from drugs he'd been dealt from Jared, which had come from the same batch that had already killed several people in Fairfax. Seth's family in Missouri had a funeral for him, but Bird decided to have an Irish wake in Fairfax for him, because he had so many friends in town. Bird is currently pregnant with Seth's child.
  • Seth has appeared in 6 episodes.
Shay Michael Roark 2 (recurring)
Shay is Crash's uncle and was involved in drugs. He helped Crash get out of jail by hiring a lawyer who proved the gun was faulty and fired when the safety was on, then hired Crash to work and live at Fix It Auto Body Shop. Later, Crash had Max do an errand for him that he had to do for Shay, who then got upset with his nephew for having entrusted Max with the job instead. Shay threatened Crash to help him deal drugs, even though Crash wanted to turn over a new leaf, by reminding Crash of his father's attempt at getting out of the business. Shay threated the Wilson family when Crash stayed with them; Crash later joined the military, but on his visit to the Wilson household from training, he was targeted by Shay. Later, at a car dealership, Shay and his gang engaged in a gunfight between Kyle and Elizabeth that resulted in a death and his apprehension.
  • Shay has appeared in 3 episodes.
Toby Stephen Guarino 1 (recurring)
Toby is David's former literary agent. He encouraged David to write a sequel to Losing Lyndon titled Finding Carter. For Carter's arrival home, he called the paparazzi. Upon first meeting Carter, he introduced himself and told her how big a fan he is.
  • Toby has appeared in 4 episodes.

Guest characters

Name Actor Seasons featured
Abby Sabina Gadecki 2 (guest)
Abby was the counselor at Benjamin Harrison High School. She set up an intervention between Carter and her parents about Carter's need to do well in school and on her SATs. Against her better judgement, she pursued a secret relationship with Gabe and grew paranoid after Bird caught them together in her office. At the College Expo, Kyle and his partner question Abby in front of the students before taking her in for questioning. Gabe accuses Bird of reporting his relationship with Abby, but he later learns from his father that Abby's fiance suspected her of having an affair and realised she was having an affair with a student, then reported it to the police.
  • Abby has appeared in 2 episodes.
Agent Dawson Molly Hawkey 1 (guest)
Agent Dawson is the FBI agent that tried to convince Carter her real name is Lyndon Wilson and the person she believes to be her mother is actually her abductor. Agent Dawson points out to Carter that the ears are the same and are distinctive traits, and that they also have her dental records and her fingerprints.
  • Agent Dawson has appeared in 1 episode.
Agent Lee Gary Weeks 2 (guest)
Agent Lee is the FBI agent who took Elizabeth off the case of finding Lori because she was too close to it personally and should not have included Carter in the attempt to apprehend Lori. After Lori is apprehended due to Elizabeth using Kyle and David to go with her and Taylor to meet with Lori and Carter, Agent Lee tells Elizabeth the FBI needs more moms.
  • Agent Lee has appeared in 2 episodes.
Allen William Haze 2 (guest)
  • Allen has appeared in 1 episode.
Anne Wallace Elizabeth Becka 2 (guest)
Anne Wallace is a friend of Joan's from Yale University. Joan arranged for Taylor to meet with Anne at her wedding anniversary, leading Carter to meet with Anne as well. Though Taylor was the one interested in attending Yale, Anne was more interested in Carter's past and wanted her to attend the university, which caused tension between the twins.
  • Anne Wallace has appeared in 1 episode.
Captain Moss Gregory Alan Williams 1 (guest)
  • Captain Moss has appeared in 2 episodes.
Dr. Kessler Roy McCrery 1 (guest)
Dr. Kessler is the attending resident that was on Max's case.
  • Dr. Kessler has appeared in 2 episodes.
Dr. Simone Weldon Susan Williams 1 (guest)
  • Susan Williams has appeared in 2 episodes.
Karen Elizabeth Bond 1 (guest)
Karen is Max's mom.
  • Karen has appeared in 1 episode.
Kurt Mattie Liptak 2 (guest)
  • Kurt has appeared in 1 episode.
Mike Ben VanderMay 2 (guest)
Mike is the bartender at the country club who gives Taylor booze even though she's underage. Carter and Max find her playing champagne ping-pong with Mike and other country club employees in the kitchen. Later, Taylor gets upset at Mike because he won't serve her alcohol.
  • Mike has appeared in 1 episode.
Ms. Freen Rebecca Koon 1 (guest)
Ms. Freen is Bird's art teacher.
  • Ms. Freen has appeared in 1 episode.
Ned Patrick Johnson 2 (guest)
Ned was the tour guide at Langfield University to the group of potential students Taylor, Gabe and Damon were part of. After the tour, he invited Taylor and Gabe to a party at his frat, where he eventually got Taylor away from Gabe and Damon. After Taylor was intoxicated and suffering the consequences of a spiked drink, Ned took her up to a room and started to take advantage of her. Gabe, curious of Taylor's whereabouts, began looking for her shortly after she disappeared; when he found Ned on top of Taylor, Gabe punched Ned and carried Taylor to the car, having Damon watch her. Before he began taking the two of them home, Gabe beat up Ned and berated him for taking advantage of a girl.
  • Ned has appeared in 1 episode.
Officer Tabor Judd Lormand 1 (guest)
Officer Tabor is the officer at Fairfax Police Department who revealed to Carter comforting information regarding the Lori case: they didn't know who or where she was, and they couldn't find her in the system.
  • Officer Tabor has appeared in 1 episode.
Stevie Kristina Emerson 2 (guest)
Stevie works at Magic Hour with Carter.
  • Stevie has appeared in 2 episodes.
Susan Sherman Andi Osho 1 (guest)
Susan is the social worker assigned to Carter at the police station she and her friends were brought after their party was busted. Susan explained to Carter how she was kidnapped; later, with Agent Dawson, she tried to convince Carter that she was kidnapped, whether she wanted to believe it or not.
  • Susan has appeared in 1 episode.
Tarot Card Reader Allison King 2 (guest)
At the fair Carter attended with Taylor and her friends, Crash suggested Carter have her cards read by a tarot card reader. The reader upset Carter, however, and Carter pointed out that she had only one sister and one brother—not two—before mocking the tarot card reader and storming off.
  • Tarot Card Reader has appeared in 1 episode.
Zeke Justin Kucsulain 2 (guest)
  • Zeke has appeared in 1 episode.
Zubin Hunter Stiebel 1 (guest)
Zubin is the manager of Brain Freeze who hired Carter as per her convincing. However, due to not wanting to be under constant FBI surveillance that came with having Carter as an employee, Carter was fired shortly after.
  • Zubin has appeared in 1 episode.


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