Who's gonna wanna write a book about finding Carter now?
— Carter, to Crash, in Do the Right Thing
  1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox objectsFinding Carter is the sequel to Losing Lyndon that was written by David Wilson in secret, yet never published due Carter being upset with him for already having written the book before she gave him the permission to do so out of David's manipulation and Carter's desire for her parents to get back together.

David recorded the family's therapy session and wrote about Carter's life with the Wilsons, as well as her friends and her disconnection to Elizabeth, in the book.

Elizabeth found the edited draft of the novel and confronted David, forcing him to tell Carter. Shortly after Carter found out, she left for Bird's sanctuary, wherein Bird read over it, whilst Ofe and Carter hung out in the sanctuary.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • David referred to Max as "a stoner with a slow tongue and an even slower brain".
  • According to the birthday section in Finding Carter, David knew from the getgo that he had the upper hand, because Carter had never had a father, thus he sought after every chance to get her approval.
  • Since this betrayal drove a wedge between David and Carter, he opted for an alternate job in teaching and quit his writing career, potentially making himself a one-hit wonder.
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