I can't do this again. I can't lose our baby again.
— Elizabeth, to David, in Love the Way You Lie

Elizabeth Wilson is Carter and Taylor's mother, Grant's biological mother, and the wife of David Wilson. She is also the stepmother of Ben Wallace. Elizabeth is a detective at the Fairfax Police Department.

She is portrayed by Cynthia Watros.


Early life and losing LyndonEdit

Finding CarterEdit

Losing CarterEdit

Personality Edit

Elizabeth appears to be uptight and emotionless. She doesn't seem to consider her family's feelings which is evident by the affair she is having. However, we do see her soft side in a few episodes such as in The Heat when she spends the day with Carter and also when she gives up her search on Lori, because it is what Carter wants.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Elizabeth is tall and slim. She has medium length blonde hair that is usually worn down and straight or in a ponytail.


Carter WilsonEdit

Her relationship with Carter started out very bumpy. Mostly since Carter didn't see Elizabeth as her mother and found her cold and strict. However the two began bonding, and their relationship changed into a more caring nature.

David WilsonEdit

Elizabeth and David's relationship has been strained over the years, due the loss of their daughter. She was preparing to leave him for Kyle, but changed her mind upon Carter's arrival. Though their relationship temporarily improved upon Carter's arrival they again hit hard times and almost got a divorce. However they were able to mend fences and are working things out.


Elizabeth had an ongoing affair with her police partner, she was going to leave her husband for him before Carter's arrival. The two were on and off for a while before Elizabeth decided to call it quits for the sake of her family. Soon after their final break up, Kyle was killed on duty and Elizabeth mourned his death deeply.

Family treeEdit

Mr. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
David Wilson
Lori Stevens
Carter Wilson
(via IVF)
Taylor Wilson
(via IVF)
Grant WilsonBen Wallace

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References Edit

  1. Episode: Love the Way You Lie.


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