"Drive" is the third episode of the first season and the third episode of the series overall.


To get back at Elizabeth for constantly setting new boundaries in her life, Carter starts to hang out with Crash, a juvenile delinquent she met at the police station. Elizabeth tries to get her to date Max instead. On the flip side, Carter's relationship with David becomes stronger. Meanwhile, Gabe, Bird, and Ofe do some research on Lori's aliases in hopes of locating her for Carter. They find someone, but it eventually leads to a dead-end. Lori watches Carter connect with her family from afar.






  • The memorandum said Lori's known aliases are:
    • Margaret Goodman
    • Janet Boyman
    • Gillian Wolff
    • Katharine Riley
    • Olivia Silver
    • Lori Stevens
  • Crash called Bird "Baby Bird".
  • Crash makes Ofe nervous.
  • Grant is 12.
  • Ofe's dad has been donating to Libertarian candidates for the past three elections.
  • David's book, "Losing Lyndon", had a book tour, where people lined up to meet him, and was published by Random Housing.
  • "Random Housing" is a play on the popular publishing company Random House.
  • Crash has a tattoo that reads "I'm going to die".
  • Grant's shirt says "eat, sleep, game".




  • of Verona — "Better With You"
  • of Verona — "This Is What It Sounds Like"
  • Simon Steadman & Charlton Petus — "Yeah Yeah Yeah"
  • Aidan Hawken, Carina Round, Dan Burns — "Rolling Down"
  • The New Black Tea — "Boom Boom Boom"
  • Nicolay Mondaine — "Sweet Like Candy (feat. Texaz)"
  • Garrison Star & AG — "Fool For You"
  • Joy Enriquez — "Unstoppable"
  • Joshua Radin — "One More"
  • Clueless — "I've Been Living"
  • Moon & Pollution — "Darkroom Double"
  • Emily Hearn — "Gotta Have Him"
  • Simon Steadman & Charlton Pettus — "The Lucky One"
  • Let's Buy Happiness — "Fresh Hex"


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