Did you see that? She looked right through me.
— Damon, to Taylor, in Something to Talk About

Damon is a student at Benjamin Harrison High School who is set on attending Yale University, along with their summer program, and is a minor character on Finding Carter. He is portrayed by Mason Dye.


Damon and Taylor are always seen competing to see who is number one. In Anywhere but Here, he becomes valedictorian, thus putting Taylor in second place, but later, the two have a drinking contest, which Taylor wins.

He lives in an apartment building with his mother. In the episode I'm Not the Only One Damon invites Gabe to stay with him and his mother after the death of his father and although he says no, later in the episode he knocks on the door.


Damon turns into a nervous wreck when in the presence of Bird. He has a great personality, a good sense of humour and is loyal and cares about his three closest friends, Gabe, Taylor and Bird.

Physical appearanceEdit

Damon is of average height with light brown to blonde hair. He has blue eyes with long sideburns.

Romantic InterestsEdit

Ever since Damon was introduced into the series, he has been madly in like with Bird and ever so often asks or hints at a relationship with her. He cares about her a lot.



- Damon and Taylor compete for number 1 in mostly everything.

- Damon is hopelessly devoted to Bird, even though she doesn't feel the same way.


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