Carter and Taylor
S1E7 throw momma from the train taylor carter
General information
Status Fraternal twins/sisters
Intimacy level Taylor looks up to Carter
First met Birth (11/07/1997)[src] (Oct. '15)
reunited at age 16[1]
Show information
Characters Carter Wilson
Taylor Wilson
Portrayed by Kathryn Prescott
Anna Jacoby-Heron
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance 2.12
Seasons 1, 2
Carter and Taylor Wilson are fraternal twins who went thirteen years without seeing each other, after Carter was kidnapped by Lori Stevens, David and Elizabeth Wilson's egg donor.






  • Taylor sees Carter as her role model.
  • Carter and Taylor have had two similar love interests — Gabe and Max — though Carter opted out of pursuing Gabe because she knew Taylor liked him. Taylor, however, feels as though Carter wins with boys.
  • The girls share a car.
  • For their third and seventeenth birthdays, the twins wore matching dresses.
  • The first time Taylor celebrated her birthday since Carter's abduction was on their seventeenth birthday, because her birthday used to be a day of mourning due to the reminder of Carter not being there.


References Edit

  1. Episode: Pilot.
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