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1x02 09 Carter, Lori (flashback)

Flashback of Carter with Lori

Though Lori is her kidnapper, Carter sees her as her real mom. She spends many months with the Wilsons trying to find and get in touch with her mom, and she refuses to call Elizabeth her mom. They say, "I love you," "I love you more," and, "Not possible" to each other.

When Carter needed a baby picture for her school's yearbook, Lori told Carter their building flooded a few years prior and that all the photos but one were damaged and therefore lost.

Carter's view of Lori changes, however, when she learns from Taylor that she has been celebrating her abduction on May 5th, rather than her birthday, and she chooses to stay with the Wilsons instead of leaving with her.

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Elizabeth is Carters legal mother, she's also her birth mother despite not being her biological mother. Elizabeth and Carter's relationship started out rocky, and Carter would always do her best to make Elizabeth angry. Carter preferred Lori to Elizabeth at first and refused to accept Elizabeth as her mother, thinking she was too cold and strict. However the two began to bond over time and Carter now calls Elizabeth her mom over Lori and chooses to be with her.

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Max is Carter's best friend; he is also her longest friend. They used to date, but they realized they did better as friends with occasional benefits. Max tends to worry that Carter will leave him, and when she wants to run away with Lori again, he gives her an ultimatum—he can't be friends with her if she's with Lori.

Elizabeth tried to get Max and Carter back together, but Carter wasn't interested, and she knew Taylor liked him.


Carter and Gabe have a good camaraderie going on; Gabe has feelings for Carter, and Carter might like him, but she doesn't like him enough to sabotage her relationship with Taylor, and whatever feelings Carter had for Gabe halted when she met bad boy Crash, whom she first kissed out of spite and in front of her biological parents, as well as her friends—and Gabe.

Despite his feelings for her, Gabe assists Carter in finding Lori, or at least finding clues about her.



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