Brain Freeze
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Type Business
Location Fairfax, Virginia
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First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Pilot
Seasons 1
No. of episodes 1
Benjamin Harrison High School

Bird's sanctuary
Brain Freeze
Clifton's Diner
Country club
Fairfax Police Department
Fix It Auto Body Shop
Fro-Yo City
Medeires' house
Wilson house

Brain Freeze is the frozen yogurt shop Carter landed a job at after telling Zubin, a manager, that he would want her there and that she'd be there the next day.

On her first day, press and fans of Carter went to Brain Freeze and took pictures with Carter, who encouraged them to post on social media their pictures and to tell everyone they knew where they could find her, which inevitably led to Grant realizing Carter's plan to get in touch with Lori and telling David of this.

Elizabeth later found out and arrived with a team, including Kyle Medeiros, in hopes of apprehending Lori. Carter was later fired, because Brain Freeze and its customers didn't like being under government surveillance.


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  • Carter first met Gabe at Brain Freeze.
  • David and Carter got their first picture at Brain Freeze; David cherishes this, because he sees it as a step to getting closer to Carter.

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