Bird's sanctuary
1x02 60 Bird's sanctuary
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Type Residence
Location Fairfax, Virginia
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First appearance The Birds
Seasons 1, 2
Benjamin Harrison High School

Bird's sanctuary
Brain Freeze
Clifton's Diner
Country club
Fairfax Police Department
Fix It Auto Body Shop
Fro-Yo City
Medeires' house
Wilson house

Bird's sanctuary, also known as "the sanctuary", is Bird's current home, wherein Max is staying, due to Bird's parents' house and other belongings having been taken away by the FBI.

The sanctuary is often the place of parties for students of Benjamin Harrison High School, and the place Bird, Carter, Ofe, Gabe and Max hang out at.

Before he left for the military, Crash spent some time at the sanctuary, and it is where he and Carter talked for the first time/officially met. If accompanying Carter or Max, Taylor may also hang out at/visit the sanctuary.


The sanctuary is a storange unit-turned-living space/studio, given to Bird by her parents.


  • Max (formerly)

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