"Love you more"
1x01 101 Lori, love you more
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Belongs to Carter Wilson
Lori Stevens
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First appearance Pilot
Last appearance I'm Not the Only One
Seasons 1, 2
"Love you more" is part of a phrase Carter and Lori often exchanged with each other. It was their way of telling each other they loved they other. When Carter learned the truth about Lori and accepted Elizabeth as her real mom, however, Carter stopped saying it back to Lori—and later, she forgot how the saying went.

After being kidnapped for the second time by Lori, Carter helped her get admitted into a mental ward; after an attempted suicide, Carter visited Lori and tried to get her to say their inside phrase, but Lori merely said she didn't want to see Carter.[1]

In court, Lori's lawyer used the phrase, and what Carter said during her visit to Lori after the suicide attempt, against Carter.[2]


"Love you more."
"Not possible."
"Yes, possible."

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Carter pinned the "Love you more?" ten-dollar bill to her bedroom wall near her desk.


References Edit

  1. Episode: I Knew You Were Trouble.
  2. Episode: I'm Not the Only One.
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